Prayer, Discernment and Civic Engagement

Marquette University Campus Ministry

As we approach the 2020 election, the Office of Mission & Ministry shares resources on civic engagement through the lens of Ignatian Spirituality.

“We find ourselves in challenging times. The issues facing our world are profound and complex. There are no simple answers. Choosing to take action on one issue may directly impact in a negative way another issue to which we are passionately committed,” says Rev. James Voiss, S.J., vice president of mission & ministry. “Deciding how to act in this interconnected world calls for discernment. It challenges each of us to listen deeply to the invitation of God’s Spirit as we seek to inform and to act in accord with the call of our personal conscience.”

“Discernment is meant to shape the way we pursue the values we put into practice so that we are pursuing them and serving God with as much generosity and as much integrity that we can muster.” — Sam Sawyer, S.J. during his presentation at Ignite on October 21

This and a few other resources shared here can be used either for personal reflection or as the basis for shared conversation with others.

Civic Engagement: Discernment and Prayer Resources

Sam Sawyer, S.J. from America Magazine spoke at Ignite on October 21, “Contemplative Citizens in Action: Discernment in an Election Year.” Click here to view Sam’s presentation with live Q&A with students in its entirety.

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

“A Good Catholic Meddles in Politics”
University of Notre Dame Church Life Journal

Civilize It Campaign
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Contemplation & Political Action: An Ignatian Guide to Civic Engagement
Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States

Ignatian Examen for Civic Life
Ignatian Solidarity Network

Voting Catholic podcast

2020 Election Coverage

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