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By Ann Mulgrew, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

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Yesterday, it snowed. This is not uncommon for Milwaukee, WI. Even this time of the year, it may snow. What I found myself praying about on this snowy morning is the tremendous contrast of snow within the Fall season. The introduction of “what is to come” was invading into the space of my prayer and brought light to the fact that I am predominantly living for the future more than living in the now. Lately, and during this Pandemic, much of my time, energy, and thought is about the future. The end of the semester. Winter break. Snow. Cold. Second semester planning. Advent. What if I get sick? You name it, my mind has been mostly focused on planning and living in the future.

I miss my safe, old, and easy way of living more in the now. Remember, way back when all the news wasn’t about hate, death, illness, fighting and violence? How does the reality of today, meet up with what may be considered “before Covid-19,” and what is the future of our lives to come?


In the Spiritual Exercises, Ignatius asks us to pay attention to the movements of the spirits, where God is found. These spirits are revealed through the everyday, ordinary ways in which God is loving me or showing me love through interactions with nature/beauty, people/kindness, and awe/wonder, consolations/desolations, etc. If my brain is thinking only of tomorrow or focused on preparedness, I am missing out on so much of the now and the ways God is connecting to me.

Today, the Here and Now, is my place I need to be… the place where God needs me to open my eyes to all that I am seeing, feeling, experiencing so that I can see and know God within the hate, death, illness, fighting, and violence — and also the love, new/renewed life, health, engagements, and loving ways we all are managing this wild and crazy 2020.

Today, I begin my new journey of remembering: BE HERE NOW. BHN. Sometimes to help, I write the letters on my hand so I can see the reminder. BHN — eyes open to the movements of God within my now: the bright colored leaves of Fall and the majesty to this glorious change in this season, the ways in which eyes above a mask can show a smile, the importance of continuing to acknowledge people despite social distance, the warmth of the sun while wearing flannel, the beauty of a campus and the ways in which students are living with the reality of Covid-19 precautions.


Without awareness and openness of today and now, found within things like early flakes of snow, we may miss the ways God is revealed to us today, now. Do you need to BE, HERE, NOW?

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Faith at Marquette University | Mission & Ministry, Campus Ministry, and the Faber Center: encouraging Marquette’s pillar and tradition of faith.

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