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O God of Healing,

We are called to wholeness,

We are called to community,

We are called to restore and renew.

To the darkness of division,

We choose to respond with light,

To the despair of violence,

We choose to respond with peace,

Trusting in Your light and Your peace

To open a way forward.

O God of Healing,

Help us listen and learn,

Present to the sorrows we all bear.

Help us reflect on your teaching

As we seek new beginnings.

Help us to act with the realization

We are all your children,

We are sisters and brothers,

Connected with sacred bonds.

God of Healing,

Hear our prayer for wholeness,

For community, for restorative peace,

And for the renewal of our nation.

In Christ’s name, hear our prayer.


Jane Deren, PhD, Post Election Prayer

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