Virtual retreat came at a good time

by Emily Zalinski, Health Sciences ‘21

Popular, traditional Marquette Experience (MUEX) Retreat took place virtually this semester

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After first learning that this Marquette Experience retreat (MUEX 40) would be virtual, I was disappointed. However, considering the state of our country, I did understand. Initially, I was skeptical about how us as leaders would be able to recreate the feeling of a retreat. To me, a retreat mimics a big hug that is given at just the right moment. A retreat is also a time to reset, reflect, and really take time to think deeply about your relationship with God and His presence in your life.

“To me, a retreat mimics a big hug that is given at just the right moment.”

Now that I am writing this after the retreat took place, I can say that us leaders took this challenge and we succeeded. Of course, there were some aspects of retreats that we could not provide, such as the free time in a retreat house, the communal meals, the Celebration of the Eucharist, etc., however, I did experience that retreat feeling throughout. Personally, at a time when we are limiting our contact with others, I found it to be a great opportunity to speak about my faith and my experiences with a group of people who were not my roommates.

Many retreatants also echoed a similar sentiment. Some also mentioned that this retreat took place at a perfect time in their lives. As a whole, we were able to come together safely and reflect on our time at Marquette while also learning more deeply about Ignatian values. I will always remember this retreat experience. Not just because of the circumstances surrounding it, but because I deepened my relationship with God and with others.

The Ignatian Dive Retreat and the all-university Advent Retreat are two retreat opportunities still left this semester. Register today! Or check out the campus ministry retreat page to plan for next semester.

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